Future Stars partners with Palmyra HS - All Turf Brand New Facillity

Future Stars will begin using brand new all turf facility 3 miles from Hershey!

Future Stars will begin using brand new all turf facility 3 miles from Hershey!

Future Stars Covid-19 Policies & Procedures

Arrival / Check In / Off the Field

1. Initial Registration at the Tournament Director’s Table is limited to 1 Coach or Team Manger.  Please wear a mask at the table and practice social distancing.

2. Please do not arrive to your complex or field earlier than 1 hour before your game.  In an attempt to limit social contact, teams and spectators waiting to play are not permitted to approach their field until the previous game has concluded and the dugout/s are cleared.  Meaning teams, coaches, and spectators have left the field.

3. Please bring your own seating and distance yourself at least 6 feet from others. We strongly suggest No Pop Up Tents as they encourage multiple people to be withing the 6 foot safe distance.  If we see too many people under a Pop Up Tent we will ask you take your tent down.

4. Please obey all complex and Future Stars signage. Parents & Spectators are not permitted in the Dugout and or Playing Field Area. This included Batting Cages and Bullpen area.

5. We recommend all guests to wear masks or face coverings while outside the field of play.

6. Please bring Hand Sanitizer and do your part in keeping your area clean and dispose of trash.

7. Health Monitoring – Daily self-evaluated wellness screenings need to be completed by all guests prior to entering the facility. Guests experiencing COVID-19 symptoms while traveling should contact a local health care facility immediately.


1. Baseballs will be given to the umpires to be delivered to the field.

2. Please do not share equipment. If equipment (such as catcher’s gear) is shared, a coach must properly disinfect equipment prior to the next participant’s use.

3. Home plate meetings will be limited to the umpire and one (1) coach from each team; all must practice social distancing.


1. Teams are responsible to bring their "own" hand sanitizer.  We want to avoid multiple teams using the same bottle. 

2. No spitting, sunflower seeds, peanuts in the shell or gum.

3. The home plate umpire will be positioned at least 6 feet behind the pitcher for 9U & 10U.  11U and up the Home Plate Umpire will be behind the catcher in the traditional position.

4. High-fiving and handshaking is not recommended.

5. Participants (including umpires) inside the field of play are not required to wear a face covering, but may be worn as desired.


1. In lieu of handshaking lines, each team will line up on their respective foul line, tip their caps to the opposing team and then to their fans.

2. Post-game meetings will be eliminated.

3. Trophies and Awards will be distributed to the head coach.

Food & Beverage

1. We encourage you to bring your own coolers and drinks.

Moving Forward – We expect our Return to Play policies will continue to evolve based on the Medical and Government advances. All updates will be communicated to participants in advance of their event.


Coronavirus Update - Wednesday May 13, 2020

The following tournaments have been cancelled due to the Covid-19 situation.  All Covid-19 related cancelled tournaments will be treated the same as a Weather Related Cancellation. 


April 4-5th 5th Annual Spring Opener - Hershey, PA

April 4-5th OC Spring Opener - Ocean City, MD

April 18-19th Bring the Heat - Hershey, PA

April 25-26th Best of Baseball - Ocean City, MD

May 2-3rd Chocolatetown Classic- Hershey, PA

May 9-10th Mother's Day Shore Slam - Ocean City, MD

May 16-17th May Massacre - Hershey, PA

May 23-24th Memorial Day Classic - Hershey, PA

May 30-31st Go Yard Classic - Hershey, PA

May 30-31st Surfrider Slugfest - Ocean City, MD

June 13-14th Battle @ Gettysburg - Gettysburg, PA

NEW TOURNEY DATES - Added to give teams more make up options.

June 13-14th State College Slam - State College, PA (13U & 14U Only)

June 27-28th Bring the Heat 2 - Hershey, PA

July 11-12th Chocolatetown Classic 2 - Hershey, PA

August 8-9th Go Yard 2 - Hershey, PA

August 29-30th The Massacre 2 - Hershey, PA

If you were paid in full for any of the cancelled tournaments our policy is to offer your team a transfer credit valid for another tourney.  Transfer credits have been extended from 12 months to 18 months.  Teams using a transfer credit from a Hershey tournament can use their transfer credit in Hershey, Gettysburg, and or State College.  Teams using a credit from Ocean City, MD can transfer to a tournament at any four of our locations. (Hershey, Ocean City, Gettysburg, or State College).  

We are adding tournaments to our schedule to give teams more transfer options.  We will accept as many teams as possible but we do have limitations.  If you are a team looking to transfer please sign up asap and let us know in the comment section that you are using your transfer credit.


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